Best Pen For Lenovo Yoga 910 Reviews 2022 – Top 5 Brands

We will provide you a list of the best pen for Lenovo yoga 910 that have incredible specs. For instance, you can enhance productivity and reduce working time. Moreover, you will find high-quality styluses in our review with great pressure sensitivity levels, palm rejection, electronic eraser, wide compatibility, and much more.

You will be working with the styluses with the utmost accuracy. While choosing the styluses, we considered their ease of use and long battery life. Well, a stylus should make the operation simpler and provide natural handwriting feel with a smooth tip.

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is having wide compatibility for using the styluses of different brands. It is not necessary to buy a stylus from the Lenovo Company for your 910 laptops.

Without any ado, let’s hop onto our review of the best styles 2022!


Top Best Pen For Lenovo Yoga 910 List

Wacom Intuos Pen 190 LP4.8 Check Price
Lenovo Active Pen 24.8 Check Price
Lenovo Active Capacity Pen Black4.6 Check Price
Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Generation Pen4.4 Check Price
Adonit + Digital Pen With Palm Rejection4.0 Check Price

1. Wacom Intuos Pen 190 LP – Best Choice Overall

This sleek black professional stylus pen by Wacom is great for various purposes. You will have the best art experience with it. Moreover, it will help you to draw pictures or animation with utmost accuracy.

Not only that, you will have a battery-free pen with programmable side switches. However, you cannot use this pen with the prior into products. We recommend this pen for use with capacitive touchscreens.

Wacom Intuos Pen 190 LP

This pen is great for drawing, writing, sketching, and much more. You will have the best tool for writing in less time. Moreover, it comes with programmable side buttons so you can easily use the pen.

Design And Sensitivity

This pen has a slim design and thin tip for working with the utmost accuracy. You will have 1024 pressure sensitivity levels. Moreover, it is convenient to use, and you will not have a slippery grip with the pen.

Battery Life

The battery life of Wacom is 10 hours. However, it will last for 12 hours if you use it with breaks. However, the charging time of this pen is one hour.


Best of all, you will have a stylus with wide compatibility. It is compatible with the Lenovo 910, 720, and other series as well.

  • Programmable side switches
  • Great for drawing
  • Convenient to use
  • Battery is needed

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2. Lenovo Active Pen 2 – Best Customizable Shortcut Buttons

Next, we have the Lenovo active pen 2, and it is the best way to interact and create. The pen comes with incredible features, and you can edit with it. Furthermore, you will have a convenient way of taking notes, and it has digitalized specs for smooth precision on the touchscreen.

Lenovo Active Pen 2

Best of all, it will help you add personal notes on the screen in less time and enhance productivity. You will also have Bluetooth compatibility with the laptop, and it will provide quick control over the screen.

Another great feature of this stylus is that you will have an electronic eraser with it. The stylus comes with the smoothest precision, and you can easily change the batteries when they are ended.

Design And Sensitivity

The design of this pen is smart, and you will have 4096 pressure sensitivity levels. Best of all, it has a responsive tip, and you will love to do sketching and writing. Furthermore, it is great for the annotating screen, and it gives the natural feeling like a pencil. You will have the customizable functions with the pen, and it has the pen application as well.

Lenovo Active Pen 2 Review

Battery Life

This Lenovo pen comes with the 1 tip change tool and requires 2 coin batteries. You will have a sleep time of 10 minutes with it.


This laptop’s compatibility is wide, and it is convenient to use with the Lenovo ThinkPad and other series, including yoga. It has a USB pen holder, and replacement comes with tips.

  • Speed-up the work
  • Solid and responsive tip
  • Pressure-sensitive feeling
  • Configuration buttons
  • No palm rejection

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3. Lenovo Active Capacity Pen Black – Best Streamlined Metal Body Design

This Lenovo pen comes with palm-rejection technology, and you will have built-in side buttons. Besides, it has ease of access, and you can use it with the storage pen holder. You will have the three replacement pen tips.

Lenovo Active Capacity Pen Black

Furthermore, it has a streamlined metal design, and you will have OS independent system. You will have one year warranty period. It comes with three replacement tips.

Additionally, it comes with a USB pen holder, and it is compatible with several devices. In fact, it has a smooth precision tip. Furthermore, it has a pen clip holder, and you will have AAAA batteries.

Design And Sensitivity

This stylus pen comes with pinpoint accuracy, and you will have 2048 pressure sensitivity levels. Besides, you will have the best way to note down anything on the touchscreen. Additionally, it has palm rejection and a natural pen-like feel.

Battery Life

The battery life of the pen is 1000 hours. You will need AAAA batteries, and it has side buttons as well. Furthermore, you will get additional tips with this universal stylus pen for smoother precision.


The Lenovo active pen comes with wide compatibility with the Lenovo series. For instance, you can use it with the Lenovo yoga 900s, 121 SK, MIIX 510 SK, and several other Lenovo devices. It is undoubtedly the best pen for Lenovo yoga 910 because of its wide compatibility and incredible specs.

  • USB pen holder
  • 3 tips
  • Wide compatibility
  • Requires batteries
  • Bit pricey

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4. Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Generation Pen – Best Selectable Side Switches

This pen comes with additional buttons for customizing the pen. You will have incredible note-taking technology. Furthermore, it has an intuitive tool, and you will have the most convenient usage with this pen.

Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Generation Pen

Additionally, it has bamboo ink technology, which makes drafting and drawing even easier. Best of all, this pen comes with an incredible drafting experience.

This pen requires the windows ink working space, and you will have the most convenient usage. It doesn’t require Bluetooth connectivity.

Design And Sensitivity

This pen’s design is like a cylindrical shape, and it has a durable body of aluminum material. Moreover, you will have smooth precision with three extra tips, and it has customizable features. Furthermore, the 4096 pressure-sensitive stylus doesn’t require any pairing.

Battery Life

This pen requires AAAA batteries, and it has a great working time. You need to replace the batteries after 1000 hours of usage.


This Wacom bamboo pen has wide compatibility. You can use it with various Lenovo devices. It comes with capacitive stylus technology, and you can use it on Lenovo laptop screens and others as well.

  • Cylindrical shape
  • Durable aluminum body
  • Intuitive tool
  • Batteries required

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5. Adonit + Digital Pen With Palm Rejection – Best Tilt Support

Lastly, we have the adonit capacitive stylus pen that has natural palm rejection technology. You will love using this pen on the 910 Lenovo laptop screen because of the smooth tip. Moreover, you will have an ultra-fine tip of 1mm.

Adonit + Digital Pen With Palm Rejection

Furthermore, this Lenovo yoga comes with higher accuracy, and you will not miss picking any point in which to design. The pen comes with the utmost fluency, and it is great for the fine point precision. You will be taking notes with the pen in less time.

Additionally, it has natural tilt support, and you will be creating images with a shaded effect. This shading stylus pen makes it great for writing and drawing.

Design And Sensitivity

This pen has a thin tip, and you will have great pressure sensitivity levels. You will have 2048 pressure sensitivity levels. Not only that, it comes with programmable buttons, and it has quick access features that include an eraser and connection with other applications.

Battery Life

The battery life of adonit is 10 hours, and it will require 5 minutes of quick charging for one-hour usage. You will have a longer working time with the complete charging with the USB charger. Moreover, it comes with the 12 months warranty.


This stylus is compatible with iOS devices, including the 3rd and 4th generations. Furthermore, you can use it with the Lenovo and other laptops with capacitive touchscreens.

  • Natural tilt support
  • USB charger connector
  • Convenient to use
  • Pairing required

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How To Connect My Pen With The Lenovo Yoga?

You have to connect the stylus with the Lenovo yoga device by pressing the start button and then going on the Bluetooth devices. You have to hold your stylus pen button until it starts flashing and comes in pairing mode. Choose the stylus pens that have wide compatibility with the Lenovo yoga devices.

Is A Stylus Worth Buying?

A stylus pen is worth buying if you often like to take notes on the touchscreen. You will have the choice of writing the notes in less time than with hands. You will remember the notes for a long time if you are using a stylus pen.

How Does A Stylus Work On The Touch Screens?

The passive stylus work on all the touch screens. You will option of using the styluses on any device that has a capacitive screen. Moreover, you have to choose the stylus pen that is compatible with a wide range of devices to use on most of your touchscreen devices.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Stylus Pen?

The lifespan of a stylus pen that has a rechargeable battery is 8 to 10 hours. You have to charge a stylus pen for at least 60 minutes. Furthermore, a stylus will help you to take notes in less time. You will be using the touchscreen with a stylus with quite an accuracy.

After How Much Time Should I Replace A Stylus?

There are several manufacturers of stylus pens that recommend that you should change a stylus after 1000 hours. You have to ensure that the stylus tip is fine so it can work smoothly. Furthermore, you have to use the stylus pen until its tip is working perfectly on the screen.

To Sum Up

That’s all for our review of the best pen for Lenovo yoga 910. You have affordable options to choose from. The pens compatible with the Lenovo yoga will work on your other capacitive touchscreens as well.

Best of all, the Lenovo Yoga 910 laptop has a slim shape, and it is quite lightweight. You will have striking functionality with the stylus pen on the Lenovo laptop. Bonus! The laptop has a wide 4k touchscreen, and you will enjoy using a stylus over it.

So which stylus have you chosen to buy for your laptop? We recommend going with our Lenovo active pen 2. This pen will provide a natural feeling with 4096 pressure sensitivity levels and enhance the user’s productivity. Best of all, it has responsive tip technology.

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